I got the idea for this website probably due to the lack of information about hunting and the outdoors online. I wanted to make it readily available, and free of charge. 
I wanted to create place where hunters and outdoorsmen of all ages could come and spend some time reading and hopefully learning, at no cost to them, some things that will make their days a field more enjoyable for not only themselves, but hopefully their spouses, sons, daughters, grand kids, and great grand kids.

If I can get any hunter out there who visits this site, to introduce hunting and the outdoors to even one person, I feel I have accomplished something important in this world of video games and IPODS, and perhaps maybe more people will get outdoors, get some exercise, see some of the incredible sights and sounds that are out there.

Whether you're seeing the sunrise while seated in a tree stand within sight of your own house,

or half way across the world on the Savannah of Africa, it can be just as exciting and is available

to all with a little ingenuity and work. I would say 95% of the general public have hunting and

fishing within less than an hour drive of where they live. Please feel free to explore all the links,

and please e-mail my any news, or new laws regarding the outdoors, or even your comments.


Lloyd Kimmen – lloyd@becomeabetterhunter.com